virtual home organization

What is Virtual Home Organization?

Instead of the traditional “hands-on” method of organization, the organizer and client have organization sessions via mobile device or a webcam. Together, they work through the decision-making process of sorting and storing items until the space is organized. Virtual Home Organization is a great choice for the budget conscience, those who want or need shorter sessions and those who might not have organizers in their area.

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For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

– Benjamin Franklin

Is Virtual Home Organization a fit for you?

  • Are you generally an organized person, but stuck with a particular area? If so, then a Virtual Home Organizer is a great person to work with to get over the organizational hump.
  • Is budget a concern? Since most of the work is done as homework on your own time, this method of organization is a great way to cut down on costs.
  • With Virtual Home Organization, you can schedule shorter sessions to fit into your schedule. For example, you can schedule a quick 30-minute session instead of blocking 2-4 hours of your day.
  • This type of organization is not a great fit if you are extremely limited in your technology skills, however In-Home Organization might be a great alternative.
  • Either you or a friend or family member must be able to physically sort and move the items.

Virtual Home Organization Packages

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